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To be Seen or Not to Be Seen? That is the Question

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making a webpage appear higher in the search results. There are traffic results and keyword results. More traffic and more keywords can be great, but they can also be a manipulated vanity metric. The ultimate metric for measuring SEO is revenue and leads generated from SEO, not how many visitors or keywords your website has.  Our proprietary SEO process has been developed for eight years, with team members performing SEO before Google was a search engine.

Your Vehicle to Being Seen

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is like the secret sauce to a successful website. It’s all about the need for speed, relevant content, eye-catching visuals, engaging videos, substantial word count, seamless user experience, and strategic internal linking. Many overlook this vital part of the SEO process because it requires a different skill set than Offsite SEO. But hey, Onsite SEO should always be your first move in a killer SEO campaign. Think of it as the solid foundation on which you construct your digital empire. And guess what? At Plasthetix, we’ve got your back with Onsite SEO included in our website builds and SEO campaigns. Get ready to soar high in those search results!

Unique, Rich Content

Pictures and videos fall under the media category, but people generally think of written words regarding content. The content on your website should not only be related to your industry and the preferences of your target audience but also tailored to your specific location. Consider this: Your content should address what people in your city want to know about the services offered by your industry, including reviews and prices. When Google and other search engines observe that your city appreciates you or your content, you emerge victorious in SEO.

Pictures, Video, & Media

Crafting Visual Elegance and Harmony

People are crazy about photos and videos. It’s incredible how much they’re taking over. Google is all about the visuals, but they also want to understand them. So, ensure your photos and videos are fast and easy for Google to recognize. When Google sees that your media is spot-on for your audience, they’ll prioritize it on Google Photos or Google Video. And that means a significant SEO boost for your website.

UX | User Experience

Responsive Design and Intuitive Navigation

Good user experience (UX) is closely linked to all the other factors that affect search engine optimization on your website. Search engines need to see that visitors are happy with your site after clicking on it. This means you need a fast and responsive website for all platforms. Google will also pay attention to how many pages they visit, if they fill out forms, and how long they stay. You can track this using Google Analytics, which is standard for all of our websites.

Unlocking Online Visibility


Plathetix websites come out of the box SEO Power Stacked. In the vast landscape of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands as the key to unlocking your digital presence. Plasthetix, as your dedicated partner, goes beyond traditional SEO practices; it’s a strategic approach designed to enhance the visibility of your plastic surgery practice on search engines. Plasthetix websites are not just websites; they are SEO Power Stacked from the ground up. By optimizing content, refining website structure, and employing targeted keywords during the design and development process, Plasthetix ensures that your practice rises to the forefront of relevant search results. Is your current website SEO Power Stacked? With Plasthetix, welcome to a world where visibility meets strategy, and your plastic surgery expertise shines brightly for those who seek it in the digital realm.














How Are We doin’?

Its okay to show off a little…

Plasthetix SEO can be a game-changer for your practice. All of our clients experience page 1 but not only that. All of our clients have also experienced an increase in revenue.

Keywords Ranked

Clients on Page 1*

Clients Experience Increase in Revenue

Offsite SEO is the secret sauce that helps search engines see how amazing you, your business, and your website are. It’s like getting an endorsement from Google and other search engines that says Hey, these guys are legit! And as a thank-you for being so awesome, they’ll boost your plastic surgeons’ websites up the ranks. These are just a taste of the mind-blowing techniques we use to make sure our clients dominate the online world.




Link Building

Building solid links is a crucial element of Offsite SEO for plastic surgeons, significantly boosting their campaigns. Securing high-quality backlinks can be challenging and time-consuming, often requiring professional SEO services’ expertise. While traditional SEO emphasized the sheer number of backlinks, the focus has shifted in plastic surgery SEO to prioritize quality over quantity. This underscores the importance of enlisting a reputable agency to handle your offsite plastic surgery SEO efforts.

Consistent Information

Consider citations as your virtual calling card for your business on the internet. The more reputable, local, specialized, or business directories that display your consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number), the smoother your SEO efforts will be local. While some of these citations are simple to obtain, it’s essential to be cautious. Specific directories are filled with spam, which can lead to an influx of unwanted calls and emails. Enlisting a reliable agency to manage your SEO campaign is crucial.

Local & Social Signals

Social signals, which encompass activity on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, are a way for businesses to demonstrate relevance to search engines. Increased user engagement and website visits from social media can lead to preferential treatment from Google. This aspect is commonly integrated into social media management strategies as part of SEO efforts.

“Onsite SEO is the Vehicle. Offsite SEO is the Gas”

– Plasthetix Lead SEO Manager

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